Can jetson orin UPHY be designed as 4×10G SFP interface?

Can jetson orin UPHY be designed as 4×10G SFP interface?`


Please refer to DG: The Orin module supports one of the four Multi-Gigabit Ethernet (MGBE) interfaces on the Orin SoC: MGBE Controller #0. Communication between the Orin MGBE controller and external
devices (for example, Ethernet PHYs and switches) can be achieved by XFI or SFI differential
connections, supporting 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps line rates on XFI or SFI lanes.

Other designs than above are not supported.

I tried this and it does not work.
You need an optical PHY between the Jetson and SFP cages to convert from XFI <> SFI and handle all of the line negotiation.
To my knowledge, there aren’t any easy to source 10G optical phys that have good Linux driver support, so you’d be completely on your own writing PHY drivers.
Also as Trumany said, the Orin officially now only supports 1 10G interface even though the original claim was 4. The interfaces are there, and they do work, but you wont get any support for it and performance is likely to suffer.

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