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we are doing project using jetson agx orin 32gb. We need help with the following issues:

  • Does jetson agx orin 32gb module support SFP+ port communication?
  • Does Nvidia support any carrier boards that support SFP+?
  • When running a 10GB data line with 4Gb bandwidth, using 75% CPU, 75% GPU, can you estimate the power consumption of the module?

No, only XFI and SFI is available.

Please use this site for that for possible result, we have no other info can be shared. NVIDIA

I think the SFI interface will be compatible with the SFP+ module, right?
I want to design a new carrier board suitable for my project, and use SFP+ port.

No, there are some other components needed for SFP+ design. It is not supported.

Thanks ! If so, can XFI be used with XFP module?

So does the XFI interface support the XFP module?

From hardware side, please check Design Guide for XFI design. XFI is standard interface, you should check your XFP module datasheet to confirm if it supports XFI.

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