SFP+ Transceiver on Carrier board for AGX Orin

We are designing a carrier board for the NVidia Jetson AGX Orin and wish to implement 10gig MGBE. It seems like MGBE is supported both on XFI and SFI lines from the design guide.

We wish to use an SFP+ port and transceiver on our carrier board which uses SFI to interface with the Jetson. Is there any limitation on the Jetson’s end that will prohibit us from implementing an SFP+ transceiver in our carrier board?

This thread (Design Support) seems to suggest that only XFP transceivers can be used with MGBE in Jetson AGX modules which is why I am asking for clarification in using SFP+ (which uses SFI).

Hi, SFP+ is not supported.

I know you’ve said this before but can you please clarify if this is perhaps a software/driver issue as there is no difference between SFP and XFP as far as interfacing with Jetson goes.

I will have an SFP+ transceiver independant from the Jetson on my carrier board which will handle the interfacing with the AGX module.

Software does not support.

The moderator’s answer for this question is incomplete. @h.rajoria Did you ever make any progress with this? Do you know if it’s a matter of creating a driver? Is there a setting that switches signal from XFI to SFI? It seems like the moderator has said multiple times that SFP+ is not supported but why does the DG say XFI or SFI? Forecr makes a carrier card with an SFP+ cage and it looks like they simply use a retimer. Any update on your progress would be appreciated. In turn, I’ll let you know if we figure anything out.

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Thanks for pointing out the Forecr carrier board with SFP+, I wasn’t aware of it. I’ve switched over to an XFP transceiver instead but I’ve still hooked up the 2 Tx/Rx data lines the same way directly to the UPHY2 lanes on the Jetson in my schematic and left all other signals on the transceiver unconnected to the Jetson. Do let me know about your progress too.

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