Orin change PHY AQR113C(Tx) to 88Q4364(T1)?

Hi nvidia team:

Our design use 88Q4364(T1) replace AQR113C(Tx) phy
88Q4364 is marvell XFI 10G T1 PHY.
and i follow the Adaptation and Bringup for Jetson AGX Orin - v2.docx.pdf to change.

when linux boot up,use ethtool get the state:
I have link the T1 Port ,but link detected is no.
after set ip but can’t ping.
Do I need modify the kernel/nvidia/drivers/net/ethernet/nvidia/nvethernet/ether_linux.c file about mac config?
below is the log:
EVT2+Orin+PHY-88q4364.txt (78.5 KB)

Does the mdio bus give out your driver name?

yes,the below picture:

the arrow is driver;
and the green diagram is the device.