2080ti temperature shutdowns on Linux


I’m trying to run a 2080ti on Linux, currently with the 410.57 driver.

But I can’t get it to run stable, a few minutes into running any heavy workoad my machine completely shuts down and stays off until I turn the PSU off and on again.

In case it helps, here’s how nvidia-smi looks just before a shutdown: https://imgur.com/a/dXkeM9k

The same machine runs without issues under Windows, a few minutes into furmark it starts thermal throttling, but no shutdowns or any other issues.

Do you have any tips how to fix this? I would much rather use Linux, and some of my computational workloads only run there.


This doesn’t really sound like a thermal issue of the 2080, the temperature is at 82°C, shutdown is around 105°C. Still, then only the gpu would shut down, the system would go on and report a gpu XID 79, fallen off the bus. If the system turns off completely, this sounds like the PSU shutting down due to overload.