20MP (5K) High Resolution Multi-Camera for Jetson AGX Orin

e-con Systems is excited to launch the e-CAM200_CUOAGX camera, a revolutionary 5K high resolution multi-camera featuring the powerful AR2020 sensor from onsemi’s Hyperlux LP family. With e-con’s exceptional ISP fine-tuning capability for NVIDIA Jetson Orin, this camera renders high quality images even in low-light conditions.

Unique differentiators of e-CAM200_CUOAGX
Superior Image Quality:

Ensures high-quality image output through a fine-tuned ISP, capturing every detail, enhancing dynamic range, and reducing noise.

Multi-Camera Support:

Enables connection of up to 4 cameras to your platform, providing 180° and 360° FoV coverage with enhanced resolution, and reduced lens distortions.

Low-light and NIR Excellence:

Achieves exceptional image quality, particularly in extremely low-light conditions of <5 lux, while showcasing a remarkable 60% Quantum Efficiency (QE) in the NIR region.

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Extensive customization + integration support
e-con Systems, with deep embedded vision expertise, provides the necessary customization services and end-to-end integration support for e-CAM200_CUOAGX – meeting all your application’s unique requirements.

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