32bit userspace drivers for the nano (libglx libgles etc...)

Hi there ,

I was wondering if there is anyway Nvidia would be willing to release an armhf version of the Jetson nano userspace drivers specifically the OpenGL and xserver drivers.

This would allow us to run 32bit graphical applications in a chroot environment or even from within docker…

Pretty please …


We don’t have plan for this. The releases are all for arm64.

That’s too bad… Would you be willing though?

I’m sure it would take like 20 minutes for you to compile the driver’s with an armhf toolchain…

I’m sure I’m not the only one that could make use of them.

You do release 32bit drivers in the desktop/x86 side of things right?

Just the driver’s not an entire armhf release.

we had 32-bit release r24.1. Now we focus on 64-bit release and encourage users to move to 64-bit release. There are SQA test cases on each release, it actually takes certain engineering resources to deliver a stable release.