384.69 broke VDPAU

After upgrading from 384.59 to 384.69 VDPAU no longer works. Both mpv and mplayer show a black screen instead of video while audio plays normally in the background. No errors present on the console.

VDPAU worked with the same mpv/mplayer/video files on 384.59 and 381.22.

Kubuntu 17.04, x86-64, GTX980.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (266 KB)
mpv-vdpau.log.gz (7.23 MB)

I can add that the video files contain h264 High profile.

Thanks for reporting this. I filed internal bug 1980736.

It should be noted that cuda also fails to load in MPV, causing NVRM XID error 31.

In case it helps

Bug report on Gentoo Linux

I filed this before discovering the post here

… or was VDPAU already broken in '59? See this thread (including test video to try):


I’ve seen that thread, but for me VDPAU works on 384.59. I didn’t try MPEG2 videos though as I don’t have ones. I’m mostly watching h264 videos.

Perhaps you might try the MPEG2 video and test commands linked in that thread?

The video file from post 22 (https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1020399/linux/vdpau-fails-decoding-mpeg2-on-gtx-660-and-384-59/post/5205270/#5205270) plays without error with mpv and mplayer for me on 384.59.

We are able to repro and root cause this issue.

Looks like the problem is fixed in 384.90. Thanks.