430.14 driver installer hangs (Quadro M2200, kernel 5.0.17, Fedora 30)


I had a working installation of driver version 418.56 up until kernel version 5.0.17.

Then with kernel 5.1.5 this version didn’t work any more, and I tried to install 430.14.

Unfortunately, I can’t boot into 5.1.5 (not even into multi-user.target) to install that driver, and when I try to install this in kernel 5.0.17 the installer hangs right at the beginning (it loads and starts, but there is no menu on the first page, so I can’t continue installation).

Would someone have an idea how this could happen? Many thanks in advance!

It’s rather odd that you can’t boot with kernel 5.1, this would hint a deeper issue.
For convenience, you should rather switch to the rpmfusion repository so you won’t have to update the driver manually:

Thanks! I ended up having to reinstall (couldn’t boot into the new kernel whatever I did), and then decided to use the packages from negativo17. All went well :-)