5120x1440 on the Nano?

Recently picked up a Nano to get into development for the architecture, but can’t seem to get it to detect the full resolution of my monitor (5120x1440). I’m using a straight DP connection (that works with every other device I’ve used on it), but the Nano can’t seem to read the extension blocks of the EDID.

Attempted to set the resolution manually in xrandr, but get a bad match error setting any resolution.

Anyone encountered this before? Cheers!


This mode is not supported on jetson nano. I think any resolution with xres > 4096 would be rejected by driver.

Hmm, that’s not ideal. My target for this project mostly use UW monitors. There will be an amount of these in the wild for my client.

Is there an alternative driver branch or perhaps I could override with xorg.conf? It seems that nVidia is the only one with this restriction as our tests with Intel, ARM, and AMD based SBC’s all worked fine.