Custom resolution with Jetson Nano Developer KIT

Hi All ,

I am new to Jetson nano user. I would to force the custom resolution of 480 X240 with 8.2MHz

Want to use Displayport.

If anyone done previously . please help me

All the display modes can only be come from EDID. Thus, if you want to custom resolution, then you can only customize a edid in the kernel.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for response

Could you please confirm following changes in kernal is ok?


1.Add the EDID values for 8.2MHz (480x240)

  1. Set fallback = true

Comment the below line a

if (dc->edid->errors) {
return (mode->xres == 640 && mode->yres == 480)
? true : false;

Let me know any further change is required

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

The mode you are using seems a little bit low. I cannot guarantee it would work or not.

The reason why we add some condition in the driver is because we may not support those resolution in hardware.

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