[535.43.19] Video encode Vulkan extensions missing

535.43.19 has removed the following Vulkan extensions that were present in 535.43.16, as shown by vulkaninfo:


I don’t see any notes regarding removal of these extensions in the release notes at Vulkan Driver Support | NVIDIA Developer, so I’m assuming this is a bug.


Here’s a diff between vulkaninfo output for 535.43.16 and 535.43.19.

vkinfo_16_19.diff.txt (6.1 KB)

This issue seems to persist on 535.43.20.

I can see similar behavior on my setup as well, also filed a bug [4417328] internally for tracking purpose.

The Vulkan video encode extensions are now available in our latest drivers 535.43.22.
Could you please help to test and update.

Yes, VK_KHR_video_encode_h264, VK_KHR_video_encode_h265 and VK_KHR_video_encode_queue are present in 535.43.22. (Not the VK_EXT_* ones, though; I assume, these extensions were promoted to VK_KHR_*.)

Thank you.

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