690 detected as one device?

Is GTX 690 detected as single device with shared memory or as two separate GPUs?
This thing has 4GB of memory on board, but is it possible to actually allocate, say 3GB memory block??

Oleh Khoma

No it will be detected as two devices, with 2 GB each.

If you want more memory, try the GTX 680 4 GB.


I was bought GTX 690 on ebay.
I tested, this card has 1 GPU and only DVI-1 can use.


Control panel:

Device manager

please help me!

I just have the same problem don’t know what the problem is.
at my gtx 690 they are vise versa the cold one is hot and the hot one is cold.
made some trobelshoting,changed the motherboard with a rampage v extreme same problem.
check’d with nvflash it recognizes only one gpu.

If eny one can help pls feel free.