8800 GT for the 1st generation Mac Pro (1.1 and 2.1) supports CUDA?

Hi people, how are you? My name is Marcos and I work with music mixing and mastering and these days I have a very good gift, the 8800 GT for the 1st generation Mac Pro. I use a Mac Pro 1.1 (original from 2006) and needed this graphics card. Well, I installed the correct driver and decided to install CUDA, as I know all 8800 GT graphics card, since 2007 supported this technology (CUDA). Well, I tried the latest drive and it was refused to be installed, so I tried one driver from the version 4 and it works properly. So I thought: my graphics card that it’s for the 1st generation Mac Pro supports and runs CUDA (I was afraid because when I looked drivers I only looked 8800 GT it’s supported, but not mention if the 1st generation, 2nd generation or both). Well, I upgrade for the version 5.5.47 using CUDA software in the preferences from my Mac, remembering that this graphics card is the original for my Mac. Well, it installed ok without any problem. So I decided to download CUDA-Z, a third-party program to check if 8800 GT 1st generation really runs CUDA or not and for my surprise it accuses that I don’t have a system that supports CUDA. Now I’m afraid, because I installed it, it installed without any problems and my computer is running for more than 30 minutes without any issues. It’s normal a CUDA driver installs, even with an unsupported graphics card or it avoids to install? If it installs, but the 8800 GT isn’t compatible, it can crash the card physically or it’s impossible? In other words, I have to format again my Mac or I have nothing to worry about with the CUDA installed? If something had to happens it would happened before, I wasn’t able to use this computer for more than 5 minutes, right? I use this computer with my mom, and I work with music, I need this machine working 100% and this graphics card in my country is something very, very, very rare. I have to be worried or you guarantee for me that it won’t crash physically because I installed CUDA, even it not supporting it? Or this graphics card, even being for the 1st generation of Mac Pro (1.1 and 2.1), it really supports CUDA and CUDA-Z it’s wrong? Please people, help me!

[1] When you ask random people on the internet for advice, there are never any guarantees of any kind.

[2] The Geforce 8800 GT is CUDA capable, has compute capability 1.1, but it is very old (about 10 years)

[3] CUDA stopped supporting GPUs with compute capability 1.1 about 4 years ago. That may be a reason CUDA-Z tells you that CUDA is not supported.

[4] While theoretically, there might be a way to find all the ancient software (CUDA, drivers) you would need to run CUDA on this system, I would not know what software versions are required for an old Mac, where to obtain them, or how to install them. Realistically, forget about trying to get CUDA to run on this old system. It’s not going to happen.

OK, I would create a new topic, but the theme is the same, about CUDA. As my Mac Pro uses EFI32 and not EFI64 and I am running CUDA ok with version 5.5.47 CUDA driver. CUDA is a 32-bit or 64-bit technology? I know that I can run 64-Bit applications even with EFI32 (Logic Pro 9 is running in 64-Bit mode, for example, without any issues). But I have doubt about a technology if it’s 64-Bit if it runs ok with EFI32. If I play a game or if a render a video, it can force the graphics card or the motherboard, as it uses EFI32 or it’s ok to use CUDA with EFI32? Well, CUDA is 32-Bit or 64-Bit technology? Or it’s 32 and 64-Bit supported? Thanks!

When CUDA first shipped, it supported 32-bit and 64-bit operating system platforms equally. Support for 32-bit platforms was gradually eliminated from CUDA over multiple versions, as 64-bit OS platforms became dominant. 32-bit support survived longest on Windows as I recall, but even that has been eliminated with CUDA 9, if I understand correctly.

I can’t tell you what version of CUDA was the last one with full 32-bit support on Mac OS X. I don’t know.

But if I try to run one game or render an image, it can forces the graphics card, as I have CUDA 5.5.47 installed with an EFI32, or force the motherboard, or it’s safe? I just need to know this. I know that even being EFI32, this Mac Pro supports 64-Bit application great, but it supports 64-Bit technology too? Do you know?

I have no idea what it is you are asking, so I have no comment.

Simple: I have CUDA installed and it’s ok, without any problem. As my system uses EFI32 and not EFI64, even using an older version of CUDA, if I run any game it can forces the graphics card, because CUDA is installed and my system is EFI32? Or it’s something that doesn’t occur? I am talking about it, because perhaps the game can use CUDA and as my system isn’t EFI64, and you said CUDA was ported to 64-Bit, even using an older version of CUDA, it will forces the graphics card if I am gaming? It’s just a question or play games has no direct relation between the EFI version and CUDA installed? Is it. And even CUDA being exclusively 64-Bit now, the version I installed, perhaps it’s 32-Bit right? I can run 64-Bit applications well, but with CUDA it’s different as it’s not an application, but a technology or it’s the same concept? It runs well?