900-13448-0020-000 Jetson Nano Module is MIPI-DSI Supported?


Does the 900-13448-0020-000 Jetson Nano Module effectively supports MIPI-DSI ?

When I look into the module datasheet, it explicitly mentions that is is supported.
When I look into the Jetson Nano page Jetson Nano | NVIDIA Developer it doesn’t explicitly mention that it supports MIPI-DSI.
And when I look into Arrow’s description it doesn’t mention it in the Display interface section https://www.arrow.com/en/products/900-13448-0020-000/nvidia

Can someone enlighten me about this please ?
Thanks in advance.


Devkit does not have DSI pin. You need to make your own custom board.


I think my question was not clear enough as the answer doesn’t feel right:
I’m not planning on using the devkit but the module (PN: 900-13448-0020-000).

The module’s Datasheet says that MIPI-DSI is supported

The module’s introduction page only mentions HDMI and eDP

The datasheet from the official distributor “Arrow” only mentions HDMI, eDP, and DP.

Which one is up to date ? Which one should I trust ?
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I don’t know why the answer is not “feel right” to you. The “devkit” itself does not have a DSI connector. Thus, that topic I posted is also using a module with his own custom board.

And their “module” is same as what you are talking about here.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for your feedback. I edited my first message because I realized the “devkit” has nothing to do with my question.
I should have asked “Which one of these three links provide the correct information about MIPI-DSI on the Jetson Nano ?”, then uploaded the images of my previous message.

The answer I was expecting was something like “the presentation page information is the one to follow” or “the datasheet’s information is up to date, thus trustworthy”.

With your insights I can only suppose that the Jetson Nano module supports DSI display. I’ll find it out myself.

Thanks for your support