Connect DSI display with B01 Jetson Nano carrier board

Hello, guys!

We have Jetson Nano Devkit with B01 carrier board and would like to try connecting some display of DSI interface by using the test points on the back side of the B01 carrier board (as discussed in this thread).

Is there any document explaining what types/models of DSI displays is possible to use with Jetson Nano and how to enable/activate them? We could see in this thread, for example, that modification of dts file is needed in order to enable MIPI DSI display. However, there is not enough details about the enabling process and the types of DSI displays that are compatible with Jetson Nano.

Would you be so kind to give us more details, or at least to point us to the place where we can read about how to enable/activate MIPI DSI display?

Did anyone try connecting DSI display on Test Point pads of Jetson Nano carrier board?

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.



We have a tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-a02-hdmi-dsi.dts example in the kernel source tarball.

In this file, we enable a AUO 8" 1920x1200 panel.

And each panel has its own dts defined in this path:


And driver in this path:


After you enable the dsi in dts as tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-a02-hdmi-dsi.dts, the kernel log (dmesg) show start to print out the information from display controller and dsi driver.

Hello, @WayneWWW.

Thanks for your response. Where can we find kernel source tarball? I tried to download L4T Kernel Sources from Download Center (link) but could not find the paths you are referring.

To the best of my understanding, there is a finite set of panels with .dts defined and drivers included. What should we do if the MIPI DSI display we want to use is not in the path? Would it be enough to add .dts file and include drivers?

Thanks in advance.


Your link is correct. Any file with "L4T Sources " in the download center would include the kernel source and you shall find what I said in the tarball.

As for adding extra panel, I would suggest you can firstly enable our existing panel driver in dts and surely it would not work. But you can track the kernel log in dmesg to find out which file is responsible for the dsi panel probing.

IMO, tracking kernel function/log is necessary in bringing up dsi panel.

Based on my experience, of_dc.c and dc.c are the core display driver codes which will then call dsi.c for dsi controller.
And this dsi.c will then call each callback function from these finite set of panel drivers.

If you see some terms “nvdisplay” in the driver code, then that function is for TX2/Xavier case. You don’t need to care about that since nano is TX1 based chip.