9650M GS support CUDA?


I am pretty new to CUDA, this forum and parallel programming in general. However, the more I read, the more exciting I find this area.

I was thinking of getting a good laptop with a CUDA enabled card, so that I can get my hands dirty and jump into this stuff. I was looking at the latest ACER laptops and they have the NVIDIA 9650M GS card. I did not see it in the list for CUDA supported cards and I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is supported or not.


I realized too late that I posted on the wrong forum sub-section! If a moderator could kindly move the thread to the write forum. Sorry about that!



Exactly the same words, as in the parent. I am looking into buying a laptop with a graphics card supporting CUDA. I am looking into Asus VX2SE, which has Vista, and NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS. I am a developer, and would like to do some CUDA development.

I saw in another thread in CUDA forums, that by hacking inf script during installation you could get this device working. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance,