a problem about using deepstream api to decode

Hi, everyone.
Before my program runs on windows, and uses ffmpeg to decode on gpu. At present, I have transplanted the program to nano but ffmpeg can’t find GPU to decode? Has anyone encountered this problem, does my ffmpeg code need to be modified?
So I decided to use the decode api in deepstream. I found a gst-nvvideocodecs plugin in the deepstream, but I can’t locate it in the source code. there are just 4 plugins in gst-plugins directory: gst-dsexample, gst-nvinfer, gst-nvmsgbroker, gst-nvmsgcon. Do you have any good suggestions?

thanks a lot!


On Jetson platforms, ffmpeg with hardware acceleration is not supported yet. We are evaluating to support it.

Please install DeepStream SDK4.0 via sdk manager and try to run deepstream-app. The hardware decoder is nvv4l2decoder.
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