a warning messeage

Dear Sir
I use PGI compiler with VS2010, windows 7 and Gforce GTX750ti.
I want to know GPU’s timing, so I use set PGI_ACC_TIME=1 in cmd window. Then I use pgf90 -acc -Minfo=all to compile my F77 program and run.
But I did not get the timing result,but the attached warning messages:

Warning: ieee_underflow is signaling
Warning: ieee_inexact is signaling

I don’t why I get such message,please kindly advise me.

probable mistakes

  1. using windows

  2. using windows

  3. checks flags, use equivalent of -Wall

  4. compile with debugger, step through code,

Hi Teslalady,

Typically this means that no GPU code was executed. When you compiled, did the feedback messages (-Minfo=all) indicate that Accelerated code was created?

Though just to make sure, when you ran the program were you doing so from the same cmd window?