Disable "Warning: ieee_inexact is signaling FORTRAN STO

Dear Support,

Is there anyway to get rid of the below warning without having to remove the “stop” statements from our code?

Warning: ieee_inexact is signaling

Basically we run hundreds of regression tests for our code and we monitor any error files generated from the runs. Even though the runs go fine, the above error populates the error files which is kind of misleading for us while monitoring the regression runs. With the Intel compiler we don’t have this problem and I was wondering if there’s any way to suppress this warning with PGI without having to modify the code.

Thank you for your help.

Hi sindimo,

Thank the F2003 standard which requires the printing of floating point exceptions when a STOP statement is executed (at least one without an access code).

To disable, set the environment variable “NO_STOP_MESSAGE” to 1.

  • Mat

Thanks Mat, that seems to work nicely!