A: We recommend installing Chrome for Linux???

jetson support page recommends using chrome for linux and provides a link. Is it posible to use chrome for linux on jetson? If so which download? if it is not possible, please can you update the support page. Ta

AFAIK, Chrome builds are from Google and there are no ARM builds available for Linux.

Chromium is the open source version of Chrome. It’s built by many distros for ARM as well, but it’s not Chrome and it does not have e.g. those closed source DRM plugins needed for Netflix.

Chromium offers some nice features:
-it is possible to install Flash support for videos and games
-You can use the Jetson TK1 as a chromecast sending and receiving device

So I think the link on https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-tk1-support is a cut and paste error from the CUDA x86 guide. Would be nice if NVidia fixed this.

Thanks for the info on Chromium. I’ll give it a go. I’ve used this on x86 Linux. Was not sure of exact genealogy.

Cool, got chromium now. Followed https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/780104/install-chrome-chromium-on-jetson-help-jwz-/