A10 GPU memory was only 22731M

Hi guys,

I had an A10 card in DELL R740 with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 460.106.00 driver. I checked the GPU memory and found only 22731M but not 24G. I don’t know why this happen? Can anyone help me? Thanks!

You have ECC enabled, the ecc bits are taken from the normal memory and computed on the gpu.

You are right. ECC was enabled. Do you think ECC should be disabled for a larger memory?

That’s your decision, based on the type of computations you’re running. ECC takes care for them to be always correct and failed memory cells being mapped out but comes at the cost of reduced available memory and a performance penalty/higher power consumption. This applies only to gpus with GDDR memory.
I guess for inferencing/training this can be disabled but should be enabled for high-precision tasks like material/engineering simulations or the like.

Many thanks!

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