Why memory size redused?

Why memory size redused?
(16378MB to 15352MB)

i haven’t changed any settings.

GPU: RTX A4000

ECC is turned on on that gpu which results in memory size reduction. Please use nvidia-smi to turn it off.

Tell me the specific command, thanks.

2022年10月5日(水) 16:12 generix via NVIDIA Developer Forums <notifications@nvidia.discoursemail.com>:

You can use nvidia-smi -h to get the options. Try nvidia-smi -i 0 -e 0

The GPU is 16GB with ECC disabled and 15GB with it enabled, right?

I wil try it when I get home.

Will the GPU keep that information if I take it out of the slot?


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2022年10月5日(水) 17:24 generix via NVIDIA Developer Forums <notifications@nvidia.discoursemail.com>:

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