Abaqus2021 on A100 and CUDA 11

I got the access to workstation equipped with AMD EPYC 7713 processor, 256GB RAM, NVIDIA A100. I also installed ABAQUS 2021 for GPU computing, Visual Studio 2017 Community and CUDA 11.4.
For enabling the parallelisation feature in the Abaqus in the environment abaqus_v6.env and custom_v6.env i have added the lines (attached below).

After all of this I get the warning:

’'Found multiple acclerator platform drivers:


Use environment variable aba_accelerator_type to select the desired platform type’'

and Abaqus does not compute ond the GPU.

Of course, GPU parallelisation is checked in the Abaqus.

Have anyone have an idea?

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abaqus_v6.env (1.2 KB)
custom_v6.env (332 Bytes)