ABI compatibility on Windows

Is the PGI compiler ABI compatible with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler?

What I intend to do is to compile my source code with pgfortran, and link my object files to certain libraries (static and dynamic), as well as an object file (*.obj), that were previously created with MSVC++.

Hi Dynetrekk,

PGI is compatible with the Windows ABI and objects created by pgfortran on Windows can be linked with non-PGI compiled Windows objects and libraries.

Now you certainly can link pgfortran with an object compiled with MSVC++, but I don’t know if your particular objects and libraries will link. There are a lot of considerations that are necessary for inter-language calling and I’m not sure the details of your program.

I’d recommend you look through Chapter 15 of the PVF User’s Guide (http://www.pgroup.com/doc/pvfug.pdf) which discusses inter-language calling. It might be helpful if you encounter issues.

Best Regards,