About Jetpack5.0 and JSEP

Hello, I have 3 questions about Jetpack5.0 and JSEP.

Q1. Does JSEP support jetson Xavier NX?

Q2. Is the content of the security enhancement in the following text in Jetpack 5.0 limited to the inside of the module?

・ NVIDIA Jetson modules include various security features including Hardware Root of Trust,
Secure Boot, Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration, Trusted Execution Environment, Disk and Memory Encryption, Physical Attack Protection and more. Learn about the security features by jumping to the security section of the Jetson Linux Developer guide.

・ Jetson Safety Extension Package (JSEP)

Q3.Will Jetpack 4.6 continue to be maintained and supported for Jetson Xavier NX once Jetpack 5.0 is released?

Best regards.

Let me forward these quesitons to our JSEP team to answer. Please stay tuned. Thanks

Q1. JSEP is only supported on Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial
Q2: I dint get your question w.r.t inside of the module.
Q3: Yes we will continue to mantain JetPack 4.6 by releasing security fixes and very critical bug fixes through JetPack 4.6.x releases.

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