About load jetson nx with usb drive

I tried to load my image into the usb drive.
I used these way to flash

but the error was reported in C-boot,such as flow

the image is still been load by emmc,
And I also can read the usb drive in kernel,the usb driver is ok.
why the nx cannot been load by usb driver?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

I can only suggest trying different drive first.

The cboot and kernel may have some difference in usb capability.

If earlier boot stages (before Linux runs) can’t work with the device, then typically you’d use an initrd to load the Linux kernel and environment, and then Linux itself would basically pivot_root to the other device (since Linux can handle the device, but earlier boot stages cannot, but an initrd in RAM will always be understood by the bootloader, and the initrd can have required abilities to work with that storage device).

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