How can I boot Xavier NX from usb (usbToSata)

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I’m also having trouble booting the Jetson Xavier NX into emmc when I try to boot it into the usb device in the usbtosata interface.

However, I noticed that if I connected the usbstick directly without going through the usb hub, it would boot into the usb device.
In the article below , I think @WayneWWW also confirmed that the usb pendrive boots up.
Continuing the discussion from CBoot with USB Storage issue:

@TWarren know when the USB hub support discussed below will be available?

Could you tell me how to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

I don’t think the usbtosata is supported.
Suggest to boot from other storage that we listed on doc.

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The Jetson linux dev guide has an entry for booting from an external USB storage device.
I understood this as saying that it is possible to connect from a USB-connected device. So I thought that usbtosata would be included as well.
did i get it wrong?

Thank you.

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