About "nvidia-modeset module"

Hi to All … mi chiamo Alessandro (Sandro) from Italy; this is my first discussion (then i’m a noob and excuse if i haven’t a good US language).

I’ve a nVidia GeForce 660GTX from MSI (that have a very good dissipation… rarely touch 80°C :) )

I’m using Funtoo Linux (64 bits).

I’ve on my PC in dual boot either the “Stable” version (using 355.11 nvidia-drivers) then the “Current version” with compiled today the new kernel "gentoo-sources-4.3.0 with uvm-module enabled, version 358.09).

Both runs with boinc and it makes me happy; But i’ve seen in terminal compiling 358.09, that now there are 3 modules installed" (from the stdout).

  1. Installing nvidia-modules
  2. Installing uvm-module
  3. Installing nvidia-modeset module.

I’d like to know how I can use this last module to have better performances.

In kernel-config i’ve disabled the “nouveau” drivers for nvidia cause they are not performant and doesn’t supports “cuda” technology.

Thank for any suggestion.

Other informations about my system:

Assembled PC wit:
MSI Z87-G43 Gaming MB
CPU: Intel i7 4771 “Haswell” @3,5 GHz
RAM: 4 x 4 GiB RAM (“evo potenza”)
SSD: 120 GiB Samsung
HDD: 1 TiB Seagate

Thank You and “Good All” to All.

(with Linux is for me necessary to have a nVidia; I wish that there will be ever the suppport for this OS).

Thank You :)

Hi Sandro1972,

The new nvidia-modeset module doesn’t really change performance much, it’s just the new home for some code for driving the display part of the GPU. If you’re just using the GPU for BOINC, then nvidia-modeset will not be involved at all.

Ok … Thank You for your answer :)

However i encounter graphics errors with nVindia either in Fun-too than Gen-too.
But sending bug reports nobody can tell me a good answer: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-3132

I’ve an Intel 4771 (with integrated in the die the hd 4000 videocard).
The “usrs switch” with KDE 4.X has no trouble but with nvidia proprietary drivers the troubles persists.

May be possible that i’ll buy a newer nVidia Videocard to use cuda faster (cause i partecipate to some boinc projects) and i’d like to have a 4k monitor.
Could You kindly tell me what “minimal” nVidia can support well a 4K monitor ?
(But i don’t want an entry level i wanna buy a very good nvidia gpu :P)

For me with Linux and *BSD the best is nVidia.

Thanks Very mutch… and Good for All :)

Best Regards …

Sandro :)

Thanks for answers :)

All modern GPUs can drive 4k displays, so it’s a matter of preference how much performance you need. You should look for some benchmarks to get an idea of how any given GPU will perform in order to make a purchasing decision.