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Hi,Mat, if someone wants to write a paper using PGI OpenACC’s computing results ,do he need get permission from PGI?


Actually, I am interested in this question as well, although I might not be writing a paper on how PGI used OpenACC but how we use it to develop our codes and the results of using OpenACC.


Hi Gayle, Teslalady,

If you are using our Beta version of OpenACC, versions 12.3, 12.4, or 12.5, then yes, the beta license requires PGI’s permission before publishing results.

However, this restriction does not apply to the full version of OpenACC which should be out in a week or so. Hence, users can rerun their results with 12.6 and do not need our permission to publish.

Of course, in either case, we’re happy to review any results to help find any more opportunities or resolve problems before publication.

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Hi Mat,

How does one determine if one is running beta or not?


How does one determine if one is running beta or not?

PGI’s OpenACC Beta was shipped with the 12.3, 12.4 and 12.5 compilers. If you are using OpenACC with one of these three versions, then you are subject to the restrictions detailed in the OpenACC Beta license agreement (LICENSE_OPENACC_BETA.txt) which can be found in your PGI installation.

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Hi Mat,

I would like to write a paper using OpneACC to publish in internal magzine (hrad copy) within Siemens, India , which is only for the employee in India and it is not distributed outside.

I am using PGI compiler 12.5 release. Do I need permission from PGI even for internal magzine print? If yes then please let me know the procedure. Kindly take it as an urgent request as the sumission date is very close.

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Hi Jessica,

Publishing in an internal magazine is fine. The restriction only applies to public forums. Here’s the relevant text from the Beta agreement (LICENSE_OPENACC_BETA.txt):

“Beta testing purposes” is defined to mean only use of the Software
subject to the following conditions:
(a) The Software will be used for the express and sole purpose of
evaluation toward determination of suitability for purchase
of an upcoming production release of the Software,
(b) In the absence of explicit permission from STMicroelectronics,
The Portland Group, performance results obtained using the
Software will not be published or presented in a public forum.

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