I wish to win a key license for pgi

Hello, I’m got to know OpenACC from a friend and since I have been very interested to learn it, then i found out that it was needed a license.

I really want to get one license because i think i can help in research of my study, so, how can i get a license? Do i need my university or can i get one by my own?

PGI was rebranded as the NVIDIA HPC Compiler and is available at no cost as part of NVIDIA’s HPC SDK (High Performance Computing (HPC) SDK | NVIDIA). OpenACC is supported by the NVHPC compilers.

You can download the NVHPC SDK at: NVIDIA HPC SDK Version 21.2 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer

For PGI, isnt needed?

Does PGI still have limits by processor? I have a haswell and a coffe lake. I know haswell have support, but does coffe lake allready got it too?

Hi rahtomaya,

Apologies but I’m not clear on the question. Are you asking if we support Coffee Lake processors?

We support several Intel architecture families, including Skylake. Coffee Lake uses the same core architecture as Skylake so, yes, is supported.