About Using USB Mass Storage for nano(emmc)


Is the state recognized as Mass Storage as shown in the following picture?

Is it impossible to access rfs when recognized as USB Mass Storage?


Using USB Mass Storage

Linux for Tegra implements a USB Mass Storage device, known as a USB disk or
USB memory stick, that is natively supported by all operating systems. The USB
disk automatically appears in the graphical filesystem browser such as:

  • Linux desktop
  • Windows Explorer
  • Mac Finder

On Linux or Mac, you can manually mount the disk from the command line, just
like a USB storage device.

The USB storage device is read-only and contains various driver files and Linux
for Tegra documentation.

Thank you.

Jetson’s USB device mode feature cannot be used to access the rootfs. A small dedicated read-only disk image is exported to the host PC, and contains only a few README and related files.

It is impossible to share a writeable disk/block-device between the host PC and Jetson, because generally filesystems don’t support multiple different computers accessing them at the same time. You would need to use some other protocol to share a writeable disk, such as NFS, SMB/Samba, sshfs, etc. The network transport to support those protocols could be via the USB device mode Ethernet device if you wish. The L4T device mode feature doesn’t set up any of those protocols; you’d have to implement that yourself.

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