Access embedded Metadata (EBD) for MIPI CSI2 using deepstream and v4l2 on TX2

Application environment:

Problem description:
I have a CMOS sensor, which appends two lines of embedded data to the end of the effective pixel data in MIPI data. I have written a v4l2 driver for it, and I can get the image. But I don’t know how to get the embedded data in every frame in my deepstream program. I can’t find any useful help information.

In the previous post, I saw that some technical support personnel mentioned that TX2 does not support embedded data attached at the end of valid pixel data, does it? Is this problem escalating now?

I’ve also seen a post saying that vi4_fops.c file can be modified to copy embedded data to the first few lines of valid pixels to extract embedded data flexibly, but now it seems that this file has been removed from the VI driver. Which file can I modify now to copy embedded data to the first few lines of valid pixels?

Embedded data is very important for our subsequent algorithms. How can I get this embedded data in my deepstream program?

Thank you!

The vi4_fops.c file still there. You can download the kernel source to modify it to try.