Access GPIO through Direct Memory Access

Hello everyone,

I have been using sysfs gpio with JetsonGPIO library ( and it seems lag a bit. So I want to access gpio with a faster method. Is there any other faster way to access GPIO pins on jetson TX1 module ? For example in raspberry pi, using pigpio library, GPIO pins can be accessed very fast without any hassles.


hello thimiralakmal,

you could using console commands to export GPIO pins.
for example, you could control gpio 220 as below.

cd /sys/class/gpio/
echo 220 > export
echo out > direction && echo 1 > value

I think that’s what exactly happening in JetsonGPIO library. Using console also I did it. The problem is the inaccuracy of timing. I use poll() function to detect a falling edge to decode a ppm (pulse position modulation) signal via gpio input. So, the timing has to be accurate to a microsecond which is not happening.