acquireFrame 获取照片时间过长

The image is long, the average of a picture is 325 seconds, when the resolution is 328090, when the resolution is 1280x, the speed is 105 milliseconds, or too long, my goal is to be within 10 milliseconds.

This looks expected if the resolution is large. Please execute the steps and check if there is further reduction:
Jetson/l4t/Camera BringUp -

Boost the clock for debug

And execute sudo jetson_clocks. So that the system is in optimal performance mode.

Thank you, I will test later, now I use the 09_camera_jpeg_capture example, the first time to get photos is 348 milliseconds, and the subsequent time is about 20 milliseconds, successful.

While using the example yuvOneShot, the time is still very long. According to your statement, it shows that there is no permission.

It is possible to have a delay in getting first frame data. It looks to be expected.

除了第一帧呢,其他的快不快,还有,我的相机是由PLC控制,当PLC拍照时,才有数据,当PLC休息时,没有数据,但是我这里要一直等待,现在碰到的问题就是,当相机没有数据时,就报argus session 错误,并且等待时间很长,而且nvargus-daemon 服务崩溃了,需要重启才行,我怎么样才能在很短的时间内处理这些异常呢。

In addition to the first frame, how fast is the rest? In addition, my camera is controlled by PLC, when the PLC takes a picture, there is data, when the PLC takes a rest, there is no data, but I have to wait here all the time. The problem I encounter now is that when the camera has no data, it reports argus session error, and the waiting time is very long. Also, the nvargus-daemon service crashed and needed to be restarted, so how could I handle these exceptions in a very short time?

This mode is not supported. Please have your source in steady frame rate. May run in low frame rate in 10fps or 5fps. The software stack supports only steady frame rate source.

我明白了,我曾经尝试过关闭所有英伟达的服务,使用原始 v4l2 获取图像,遇到的问题是一直阻塞在 DQBUF那里,没有获取到数据,请问这又是怎么回事呢?

I understand, I once tried to shut down all Nvidia services and use the original v4l2 to get images, but the problem I encountered was that I kept blocking in DQBUF and did not get data, may I ask what happened?
2, if these can not be, may I ask you can help me solve this problem, or say customized service.

There is no further plan to add new feature to Jetpack 4. Would suggest adapt you use-case on current software stack.

也就是说用ubuntu 的v4l2函数是获取不到摄像头的数据的是吧。

That is to say, the v4l2 function of ubuntu is not able to obtain the data of the camera.

If sensor driver is good, you can capture frame data through v4l2-ctl commands. Please refer to the command forJetson Nano + RPi camera v2:
How to set exposure and gain parameters for IMX219 with v4l2-ctl?

Can you give a link to the v4l2-ctl command

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