Actual release notes for r32.7.1?

So, while attempting yet again to navigate the NVidia documentation, I see that there’s a 32.7.1 release - we’re using 32.6.1 currently - but the release notes link does not actually work, and only goes to the Developer Guide. Does anyone know where I can find the actual release notes for 32.7.1?

Seeing as how there was recently a 35.1 GA release, I will probably start looking into that, but the (lack of) maintenance of documentation links (I very frequently see forum posts linking to exactly the solution I’m looking for, only to find that THE LINK NO LONGER WORKS) is so frustrating that I’m really, really hesitant to change ANYTHING. Unfortunately, I have to, because things Don’t Always Work and often the answer there is “Upgrade!”

I know, I know, this isn’t the right place. Anyway - does anyone (NVidia or otherwise) have suggestions for finding “hidden” docs for the Xavier NX? I also have other questions, but will start other topics for those…


You can find those documents of each release from Jetson Linux Archive | NVIDIA Developer

Amazing. On that page (and nowhere else i looked!), I see that there is ALSO a 32.7.2 release!

Please, please, please suggest to your documentation team that if they are going to have so many different places to put things, that they find a way to keep it all in sync and consistent. It is VERY frustrating to get a clear picture of what releases are available, what boards they work on, and what the differences are.

Thank you for your response.

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