Please check the file (L4T Documentation) in Jetson Download Center


I’m testing a new version of 28.3 on TX2.

The version is different in L4T documentation.
The link shows the Development Guide as 32.1 and the downloaded file is 28.2.
Maybe it looks the same as the previous document.

Please check the file.

FYI, you can go to various specific versions here (you need to go here, log in, and then go here again since redirect won’t work correctly):

From here (if logged in) you can see R28.2 here:

This in turn has a “Documentation” download:

When you just go to the current L4T page it shows you the current release, and R32.1 was just released so this is what you see there.

There is also a download center here in which a search will eventually show all versions (same login):