L4T R24.2.2 — available for Jetson TX1 now

L4T R24.2.2 is a maintenance release for Jetson TX1 production codeline L4T 24.2, with LTS Kernel 3.10.

See the Release Notes for the list of fixed issues, and related Security Bulletin for the list of vulnerabilities fixed by this release.

Please note that L4T 28.1 (included in JetPack installer) is the latest production codeline for Jetson TX1.

L4T R24.2.2 download available here - https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra-r2422

FYI, looks like the “source packages” “sources” link has an issue:

I’m logged in but it still won’t allow download (it says membership is required despite being logged in).

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for reporting this issue, and it’s fixed now.

We’re investigating how this happened.