Is there a searchable set of documentation for Nvidia

How do I find out how to change the device tree and reconfigure the device.

There appears to be kernel-dtb, bpmp-fw-dtb, bootloader-dtb, with no definitions of what is in each partition. let alone how to create the correct data and move the data to the partition.

Is there documentation on how to “dd” data to the partitions so I don’t have to use


Hi Terry, you can find online searchable documentation here:

In particular, you may find these sections relevant to your questions above:


how can a person determine the release these links are pointing to?

If I had to look up r28.x is there another set of links?

Are all needed changes in for r32.3.1 yet, spoiler alert I think r32.3.1 is way behind in the cycle.

JetPack/SDK Manager versions are listed here, with links to specific pages:

L4T is what is actually flashed (JetPack is a GUI front end to the actual flash), and this has links here in a table:

The individual L4T pages have downloadable documentation for that specific release. In the general documents download page you can look for various documents, and in some cases you will have a choice of either downloading or viewing online:

Beware you may need to go to a page, login, and then go to the page again to see the content.