Help needed to setup Jetpack on TX2

Documentation: August 2018, NVIDIA JETPACK 3.3 User Documentation.


I followed the above documentation carefully and it appears that the Jetson TX2 was flashed correctly because the Ubuntu Desktop GUI comes up correctly on boot. However, on the Jetson board, I cannot find any of the folders referred to in the documentation such as home/Ubuntu/…

How can I determine the status of the install on the Jetson board?
Do I need to start over?
Can I complete install for this point?


use home/nvidia/ instead, that might be the only user in the system.

It is case sensitive, but you should have both “/home/ubuntu/” and “/home/nvidia/”. On the other hand, documentation depends on what you are asking for. Many documents are extra packages and may not be installed…in which case it is a case of telling the package manager to install the docs. What documents are you looking for?

Also, are you asking about from the Jetson side, or from the host side which ran JetPack?