Adjusting mouth shape to better match phonemes (Blendshape solve options?)

Hello! Audio2Face is wonderful! Thank you for all the hard work!

In one of the NVIDIA video tutorials (Animating MetaHuman with Omniverse Audio2Face and Autodesk Maya - YouTube) I saw that the blendshape solver options were used to improve mouth shapes.

I’m having trouble with getting good mouth/lip shapes to match M, P, B. Are there any good tips to try to get better lip movement?

Hi @andrew199 thanks for your interest in Audio2Face.

Making good M, P, B shapes are sometimes difficult depending on the emotion states. We’re working towards providing a better deep learning network in future releases.
In the meantime, the general tips would be like this

  • As in the video, use some symmetry constraints if the lip shape is not symmetric.
  • If lip is not closing properly, try using lipOpenOffset in the post-process to close the lips. (attached image)
  • Neutral emotion tends to give good MBP poses, so use strong neutral emotion and a bit of other emotions.


@yseol thanks for the tips! I will try them out

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