Adobe InDesign CC - GPU-Support on Windows (x64-Machine) by NVIDIA Control Panel

First of all I would like to mention that I am new to this forum. Please forgive me if I posted it in the wrong forum.

Unfortunately, Adobe InDesign CC does not provide direct GPU support from the application under Windows (x64). The parameter is missing in the preferences compared to the macOS version.

Does anyone have experience with the NVIDIA Control Panel application on how to set up InDesign-specific parameters for GPU support? I have already tried various settings. However, Adobe InDesign CC 2024 is not recognized by the NVIDIA Control Panel. Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi there @matteobaschera, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

In general this kind of third-party app related question might be better asked in the GeForce consumer forums.

That said, I can explain what might be a misconception of “GPU support”.

InDesign has built-in GPU acceleration based on MacOS Metal and OpenGL. That acceleration does specific tasks directly on the GPU. This implementation is not part of the Windows version of InDesign.

The NVIDIA control panel settings only control an app’s rendered output. That means IFF the app uses things like MSAA (which InDesign does not), you could control how that is used. But InDesign is rendering simply through the Windows Display Manager and any app specific changes in the Control Panel will not affect the actual InDesign render behavior.

I hope that clarifies this.


Hi @MarkusHoHo

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. I had also posted it in the GeForce Consumer Forum.
I can follow your explanations very well and I can understand why it doesn’t work.

Thank you very much for yout help and happy Christmas holidays

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