Integrated Radeon 3300 and Extension Card GT 520 Windows 7 GUI, N


(NVIDIA Parallel NSight Monitor, Windows 7 GUI issue)

System runs windows 7 GUI on integrated Radeon 3300 gpu.

System also has GT 520 graphics/extension card.

LCD Monitor is attached to Radeon 3300 gpu.

Cuda Debugging can be done on GT 520.

But for some reason: NSight Monitor requires Windows 7 to use “classic gui” with AERO or whatever it’s called OFF.

Also WPF hardware acceleration needs to be off ?!?

This is kinda weird since the GT 520 is not being used by the monitor or games or anything really, except executing CUDA…

So why does this need to be off ?!?

Why can’t WPF hardware acceleration be directed to Radeon 3300 only ?

Why can’t GUI AERO be directed to Radeon 3300 only ?

Perhaps a Windows 7 issue ? Or is it nvidia (driver? or nsight ?) issue ?

I kinda miss the windows 7 blue gui… I was getting used to it ! It kinda looks nice and fancy pancy ! The grey is a bit dull but nice and fast ! ;) :)