Windows 7 and CUDA Need new discussion section for this.

We need a new discussion section for Windows 7. I am new to CUDA and will be working with Windows 7 and NVIDIA GTS 250-295 hardware. In particular, I would like info on how to create advanced landscapes with CUDA and programs like VUE.

from a CUDA POV, Win7 is Vista for all intents and purposes (there are some perf improvements, notably relating to WDDM launch overhead when there are lots of memory allocations). there are no major differences.

I moved recently from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Windows 7 (same computer, just different OS) and had no problems running my old CUDA programs here. However, I am currently investigating a 50% performance drop though…

Could this be related to the 3D rendering of the Aero interface? I am not familiar with the specifics of current Win implementations, but running anything OpenGL in parallel with CUDA here (like an accidental screensaver) eats performance.

I switched to old Win98 look of my Windows 7. So no Aero, no semi-transparent windows, no fancy stuff…
I simply like functional, perfectly rectangular windows.
But there is something going on on the CPU side according to cuda profiler, more than it used to be.