Clean Install for a CUDA machine (suggestions?)

I’m going to wipe my drive, rid myself of Vista, and do a clean install of Windows 7.

At least for now, the MAIN purpose of this box is for CUDA. As such, wanted to know any suggestions anyone may have.

(1) Is there a big deal between the 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows 7 for CUDA purposes? Additionally, what about the various versions of Windows 7? Are there any known compatibility issues?

(2) I have access to VS 2008 and 2010. Is there a need for one over the other? To be honest, I’m a newbee at BOTH. I’ve read several threads talking about install 2010 but still needing 2008 for some reason. So then the question comes, why use 2010 at all, unless its feature set is that much more rebust?

(3) Should I go with the 3.2 toolkit or the newly released 4.0 toolkit?

(4) I have zero experience with Parallel NSight. Is it helpful or recommended?

Finally, I am referencing the recommended links in this thread:

But I didn’t see any suggestions for Windows installations, software configurations, etc.

Thanks in advance.

You do it on windows for the sake of using Nsight?

Anyway, on 32bit system you cannot use unified virtual addressing that is provided by 4.0.

Just go with VS2008 and install it in the default directory to avoid any possible problem.

So Windows 7 64 bit is the way to go?

And there is no reason for VS 2010?

Not quite sure about what extra thing vs2010 can provide.
My experience last time was that 2008 must be present for 2010 to be usable. So I just removed 2010 to save some space.