AES-GMC sample doesn't work on BF-3

Hi, I am encountering the following error while running AES-GMC sample.
Does anyone know how to solve this?

ubuntu@localhost:~/build$ ./doca_aes_gcm_encrypt -f test
[00:02:23:562613][5536][DOCA][INF][aes_gcm_encrypt_main.c:62][main] Starting the sample
[00:02:23:767744][5536][DOCA][INF][aes_gcm_common.c:403][aes_gcm_state_changed_callback] AES-GCM context is running
[00:02:23:769722][5536][DOCA][ERR][linux_devx_adapter.cpp:155][create_devx_object] Failed to create devx object with syndrome = 0xe1656c
[00:02:23:769889][5536][DOCA][ERR][doca_dev.cpp:1916][priv_doca_dev_devx_object_create] Failed to create devx object: failed to allocate devx object wrapper with exception:
[00:02:23:769920][5536][DOCA][ERR][doca_dev.cpp:1916][priv_doca_dev_devx_object_create] DOCA exception [DOCA_ERROR_DRIVER] with message Failed to create devx object
[00:02:23:769942][5536][DOCA][ERR][doca_aes_gcm.cpp:253][doca_aes_gcm_key_create] AES-GCM 0xaaaac2ec7a60: Failed to create AES-GCM key: failed to create devx key object
[00:02:23:769955][5536][DOCA][ERR][aes_gcm_encrypt_sample.c:152][aes_gcm_encrypt] Unable to create DOCA AES-GCM key: Operation not supported
[00:02:23:872361][5536][DOCA][INF][aes_gcm_common.c:392][aes_gcm_state_changed_callback] AES-GCM context has been stopped
[00:02:23:873867][5536][DOCA][ERR][aes_gcm_encrypt_main.c:91][main] aes_gcm_encrypt() encountered an error: Operation not supported
[00:02:23:873898][5536][DOCA][INF][aes_gcm_encrypt_main.c:106][main] Sample finished with errors

I have the same problem.

I cannot even find the samples. How could you get access to it?

Does the BF3 you are using support encryption? Also, what is the fw version installed?

From the host, please run the following and provide the output of the query command:
*mst start
*flint -d [mst device] query

It will require that the MFT software package is installed.

I’m using BF2: MBF2H516A-CENOT
I believe it’s crypto-disabled. Is there any other way to decrypt/encrypt packets using AES-GCM algorithm?

root@clgpu022:~# mst start
Starting MST (Mellanox Software Tools) driver set
Loading MST PCI module - Success
[warn] mst_pciconf is already loaded, skipping
Create devices
Unloading MST PCI module (unused) - Success
root@clgpu022:~# flint -d /dev/mst/mt41686_pciconf0 query
Image type: FS4
FW Version: 24.37.1006
FW Version(Running): 24.35.2000
FW Release Date: 27.4.2023
Product Version: 24.35.2000
Rom Info: type=UEFI Virtio net version=21.4.10 cpu=AMD64,AARCH64
type=UEFI Virtio blk version=22.4.10 cpu=AMD64,AARCH64
type=UEFI version=14.28.16 cpu=AMD64,AARCH64
type=PXE version=3.6.805 cpu=AMD64
Description: UID GuidsNumber
Base GUID: 0c42a10300daaa46 12
Base MAC: 0c42a1daaa46 12
Image VSD: N/A
Device VSD: N/A
PSID: MT_0000000477
Security Attributes: N/A

Hi, my BF-3 supports encryption. I’ve installed all the latest FW 32.39.2048 and DOCA 2.5.
My colleagues are experiencing the same issue with their BF3. Do you know what can cause the above errors with the sample?

• Device Type: BlueField3
• Part Number: 900-9D3B6-00CV-A_Ax
• Description: NVIDIA BlueField-3 B3220 P-Series FHHL DPU; 200GbE (default mode) / NDR200 IB; Dual-port QSFP112; PCIe Gen5.0 x16 with x16 PCIe extension option; 16 Arm cores; 32GB on-board DDR; integrated BMC; Crypto Enabled


Once MST is started (mst start), please run:
mlxconfig -d <mst device> q | grep CRYPTO
So for BlueField-3 it should be:
mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt41692_pciconf0 q | grep CRYPTO

Please run the above command and paste the output here.

Best Regards,