Crypto-enabled Bluefield 2 but aes_gcm is unsupported

Hi all,

We’re using MBF2H516A-EEEOT (linked specification below). However, when I checked the NIC capabilities using ./opt/mellanox/doca/tools/doca_caps, the output indicated that aes_gcm task_encrypt is unsupported.

Please let me know if I missed any configuration. Thank you!

hi tmatuan96

Your card should support aes_gcm, could you please retry with last DOCA 2.7.0
As such feature still in alpha level, if 2.7.0 still have such issue, please contact us with to get offical support

Thank you
Meng, Shi

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Hi Meng Shi,

Well, I tried 3 versions of DOCA, and none works.

Do I need to configure anything?
I’ll reach out to

Thanks for the help!