After connecting Xavier with our desined board, all USB interface cannot be used and type-C cannot be used

  1. After connecting Xavier with our designed board, all USB interface cannot be used and type-C cannot be used
  2. when disable Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit PD controller‘s I2c shifter, all usb cannot be used;
  3. our designed board remove the PD controller related
    so I think the problem is due to removed the PD controller,How to solve this problem,thanks。

Please refer to the AGX Xavier adaptation guide from our download center.

You need to modify the device tree according to the guide from document. The default device tree only supports the layout as xavier devkit (usb3: 2 typeC + 1 typeA)

Hi, WayneWWW

Could you please specify which document it is? I haven’t found the information I want after looking for a long time. Could you please help me to point out which document I need?

Thank you very much


This is the link of download center

Search the keyword “adaptation”. And pick up the Xavier one.

Hi, WayneWWW

Before today’s test, all functions can be used normally on Xavier and demo board, but I can’t use USB and other interface functions on my own design board

Today, I modified the device tree based on the information I got from Jetson AGX Xavier Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide

Specific operation:

  1. Delete extcon - * attribute under xhci and xudc

  2. In xusb_ pad_ CTL to add a regulator for “VBUS supply”.

My own design board does not have OTG

But when I do this, the demo board and my own design board can’t use the USB interface function

Please tell me how to solve this problem? thanks


When debug with such issue, share the dmesg and share the what you’ve done as a patch.
Also, describe your board design. Do not tell me something like “it is same as devkit”. There are lots of users telling such comment but turns out they are not same as devkit. Tell me how many usb ports are there and whether they are host/devcie/otg mode.

Without these info, nobody can really understand what you’ve done or if they are correct.

This is our design version materials and related information

We wanted to connect Xavier to our hardware and use various interfaces such as USB and PCIe, but when we connected the hardware to Xavier at first, we found that all the interface functions were not working

So we refer to the previous developer forum information to do the following:

  1. Delete the extcon attribute under XHCI and XUDC

  2. Add a regulator for “VBUS-supply” under xusb_pad_ctl

However, the USB interface still cannot be used normally, and other interfaces are also being tested

Could you give me some guidance? thank you
资料.zip (8.3 MB)

This is not how to share dmesg…
Please use UART console or other interface that can open terminal and type command “dmesg”… Then dump it as a text file to us.

Do you ever use NV devkit before? It seems you are not familiar with what is the expected result from jetson.

Sorry, my friend
It’s really my first time to buy and use Jetson series products. In fact, I’m not very familiar with Linux. But for some reasons, I need to be familiar with the relevant development knowledge… :)

I’ll give you dmesg in the right way, but it may take a while because Xavier is not with me at this time.

Hi, WayneWWW
We have tried these days, and now we can use USB interface and network interface normally. As for other interfaces, we haven’t had time to test
I don’t know if the other interfaces are normal. Can you give me some advice

This is our board information and dmesg (1.5 MB)

Actually, you should also share the device tree for us to check.

Only limited info can be checked from dmesg. I see host mode can work now, but the problem is your typeC and micro usb don’t need otg function?

In fact, we don’t plan to test OTG for the time being. The next step is to test the function of PCIe, but we haven’t found a suitable PCIe Driver yet. After all, we haven’t successfully tested the functions of the PCIe on the demo board
Do you have any suggestions? thanks.
This is our modified device tree
tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi (8.4 KB)

If usb is fine now, then file a new topic for other interfaces. Your topic is only for usb.

Okay, thank you.