After I made some changes, AgX couldn't start up and was stuck in the NVIDIA logo screen

I made the following changes
I updated the image file in the boot folder
And put the DTB file in / boot / we

sudo cp path to your Image dir/Image /boot/Image -f
sudo cp path to your dtb dir/DTB file name/boot/ -f

Then, I edited the / boot / extlinux / extlinux.conf file and added the following line at the bottom.

FDT /boot/DTB file name

Ok, what do you expect here?
It is common that changing device tree and kernel will make the board fail to boot.

To be honest, we are debugging a camera called veye and debugging it according to his tutorial, so there is such an additional problem.

So what should I do now? Do you need to burn the image again

FYI, when you change the β€œImage” file you are at high risk of failure. If the Image was not compiled with the correct options, then you can expect failure. If the β€œImage” is compiled without a correct β€œCONFIG_LOCALVERSION”, then even if everything else was a match, 100% of kernel modules will fail to load (the kernel won’t be able to find them). It is a very bad idea to change the device tree at the same time as changing your kernel Image, as any incorrect argument can cause parts of the hardware to not be found.

If you need to save your work, then you could clone, edit to fix the changes in the clone, and then flash again using the clone instead of a newly generated rootfs. Otherwise you are probably going to have to flash the system from scratch. If you don’t need to preserve what is on the current rootfs, then just flash again from scratch.

If you need safer ways of updating a kernel, device tree, so on, then just ask. There are ways of setting this up such that you can test and simply switch back to the original content using serial console, but you have to do that prior to installing your other changes.

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If the system is not able to boot into the system, then you can only reflash your board.

As I said, this is very common to crash the system when using own kernel and dtb. You can try to do things step by step.

For example, checking whether this issue is from kernel or from dtb first.