Xavier R35.1 How to update Image??(self modify)

Method 1:
Replace /boot/Image directly
Replace /boot/Image.sig directly

     test: failed ( Orin succeed)

Method 2:
./flash.sh -k kernel jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

 test: failed 

( The old version of Jetpack 4.x for xavier is fine)

Is there a Method that can quickly update the Image!!!

I’m not sure what was done or what the actual failure was, but if the “LINUX” key/value pair in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” names a kernel Image file, then that is used (except if security fuses are burned, in which case only a signed partition is used). Also, did something actually fail in your test, or did the kernel you want to run just not run? If there was an actual failure to boot, then it is evidence that the kernel was indeed replaced successfully. The question then becomes one of if the release version was correct, and if it was configured correctly before install.

  • How do you know it failed?
  • Do you have a serial console boot log?
  • Was this the kernel source for this release?
  • If it boots, what is the “uname -r” output?

Hi JiaZW,

What do you mean about “succeed” and “failed”?
Could you provide the detailed steps and related logs for further check?

After modifying the camera modules dts, it is now OK;

The vi node is shut down by default

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